The search for a great cup of coffee is often like the quest for the Holy Grail... well search no further.

The Holy Grail is our premium blend and comprises of delicious and speciality grade ORGANIC coffees. Created to satisfy even the most caffeine hungry pilgrim.


50% Colombia, La Betania micro lot- Organic (washed)

50% Ethiopia Segera - Organic (washed)


1900 masl

1980 masl


Caturra,  Colombia F8



Paraiso, Tolima.

Segara, Bensa, Sidama

Process Washed

Brainer Rodriguez Barrera

Daye Bensa


Tangerine sweetness, with just ripe mango and a hint of clove. 

Concocted in our state of the art Holy Island roasting facility - aka a couple of old shipping containers with a chimney - Our Holy Grail blend will always be comprised of only organic coffees.

The current blend is made up of an excellent high grown Colombian coffee and a beautiful, classic, washed Ethiopian. Blended, they complement each other perfectly resulting in bags of sweetness and a clean, satisfying, Juicy acidity whilst maintaining a balance to the final cup. Our Holy Grail blend works well as a slightly longer espresso but is currently being drunk here as a batch brewed filter - the perfect partner to a hard days graft.

Finca La Betania is located near the hamlet of Paraiso in the Tolima department. It is one of the most isolated coffee producing regions of Colombia located in the Central Colombia Andes mountains. It has very limited access, being a 12-hour road trip from Ibague the province capital. The area is renowned for producing some of Colombia’s finest Specialty Micro-lot coffees, the terra enriched in volcanic soils and fresh mountains streams.

Segera washing station is owned by Daye Bensa Coffee Export, who own farms and washing stations around Southern Ethiopia. This particular washing station is located in the Segera kebele within the Bensa woreda of the Sidama zone. The washing station sits 1980masl and the coffee cherries are purchased from outgrowers with farms nearby. These outgrowers are typically small farmers with between 0.5 and 3 hectares of land which is managed organically with compost and is often within the native forest.

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