LIMITED EDITION: Peruvian Geisha

Location Villa Rica, Oxapampa, Pasco
Altitude 1750 masl
Varietal Geisha
Process Washed
Owner/Farm Gino Marin Ciriaco
Tastes Mandarin, Honeydew Melon , Lemongrass



Introducing a Limited Edition, organically grown Peruvian Geisha - new to the Pilgrims Coffee offering. 
Produced by Gino Marin on his 13 hectare farm, "O'sopen" meaning "Hill of Clouds", this coffee has been grown under the shade of exotic trees that make up part of the local canopy. The farm is well known for it's unique micro-climate, which contributes to the characteristics of this coffee. 
Geisha is a varietal known for it's sweet and floral notes .