Single Origin Colombia Geisha


Location Palmichal, Risaralda, Caldas, Colombia
Altitude 1800 masl
Varietal Geisha
Process Washed
Owner/Farm Lina Clemencia Londono
Tastes Pear, Apple + Rosehip


Single Origin; a coffee chosen for it's unique characteristics, and stands out from the crowd just as it is. 

For this Colombian coffee, we have created a light roast profile - which brings out the distinctive fruity, sweet and vibrant flavours. 

Lina Clemencia Londoño is 60 years old and coffee has been part of her entire life at Finca San Fernando. Siruma have known Lina for a number of years being from the same department and encouraged her with the production of specialty coffee as they have shown the potential that Caldas has as a region.

In the last few years they have begun to focus on growing more exotic varietals and working on specialty processing to improve quality.

The farm is located at 1800 masl and is 18 Ha in size planted with Colombia, Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Sudan Rume, Castillo and Laurina.

This lot the coffee is collected every 18 days and only extremely ripe cherries. A floating process is then done to get rid of any immature beans. The cherry is then placed in sealed bags for an additional 12 hours to extend fermentation.

Afterwards it is pulped and a dry fermentation of 24 hours takes place.

The coffee is then washed and cleaned for immatures. It is then dried taken in a mechanical silo taking between 8 to 16 hours. 

This coffee brews brilliantly over a v60, in a cafetiere or aeropress.