"Al Arenal" nature reserve, Aranjuez, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Altitude 1450 masl

Caturra, Catimor. Lempira, Java, Maracaturra & Sarchimor

Process Anaerobic Fermentation
Owner Corrales Family
Papaya. Blackcurrant + Milk Chocolate


Teaming up with Etico - we've sourced this very special coffee from Nicaragua! Due to the fermentation process, this coffee is wonderfully fruity and we would recommend consuming it black - preferably using a slow brewing method like a cafetiere or V60!

We're delighted to share that 10% of profits made from online sales of this coffee will be donated to our Trees for Life grove.  

The Corrales family are 4th generation coffee farmers who are dedicated to nature, community and the consumer. In the high mountains of El Arenal Nature Reserve in Matagalpa. the Corrales Family cultivate high quality, organically grown coffee in a way which protects and preserves their natural resources. 

This coffee was grown at Finca Los Pinos, located in the Northern region of Nicaragua. The exceptional agro-ecological conditions mean 83.8% of coffee produced in Nicaragua comes from that region.