The wholesale coffee market has gotten a lot more exciting in the past several years.
We’ve all become connoisseurs, developing expert palettes to pick up on the differences between an earthy Sumatra with vibrant citrus notes, and a deeply rich Kenya with flavours of dark chocolate and blackcurrent .
As the bar is continually raised in the pursuit for the perfect cup, you need high-quality beans that are roasted consistently well, so your customers keep coming back for more. You need a wholesale supplier you can trust.
Discerning customers are expecting more from their coffee, not just in terms of flavour, but also in ethical and sustainable practices. We’re huge fans of this growing awareness and are proud to play our part in supplying sustainable coffee.
Pilgrims Coffee is your source of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance Certified and organic beans, individually profilled to get the most out of each special bean. We cater to restaurants, bistros, pubs, cafes, hotels, B&Bs and offices with shipping available across the UK and Ireland.
We roast all our beans in small batches, giving us full control and consistency. This hands-on technique delivers a quality that comes through in every cup.
Get in touch today by filling out the contact form or emailing us at info@pilgrimscoffee.com. Let’s talk coffee!