Recyclable bags

Recyclable bags

Some of our products may come to you in recyclable white bags. They are plastic BUT they are LDPE 4 which means they are the same material used for shopping bags, no we don't like shopping bags either but it means that our bags can be recycled with carrier bags at most supermarkets and also some home collections giving them the greatest chance of being recycled. 

If you live somewhere without any of these recycling facilities, what we'd ask is that you save up at least 10 and up to 20 bags and post them back to us via royal mail(2nd class will do) ping us an email with evidence of the cost and we'll give you a credit for the postage amount off your next order. We will then make sure those bags are recycled and the circle continues. 

Whether or not you can recycle our bags from your bin at home will depend on your local authority. 

To check how to recycle our packaging follow this link , select “plastic carrier bags” and enter your postcode.

Don’t worry about removing the air valve or the paper label, they’re fine to go in with the rest. 

The recyclenow website is an amazing resource, we’d definitely recommend bookmarking it if like us you’ve ever been confused about recycling.