DAILY BREAD [Spring 2021 Blend]


A great cup of coffee should be as available as a pint of milk, or one's Daily Bread

A medium roast retains the characteristics of these great beans, whilst generating sweetness and a warm full body. 

Daily Bread is a favourite amongst Pilgrims staff and often is consumed in borderline excessive quantities!  


50% Colombia, Planadas Excelso

50% Brazil, Guilherme Lot-3

Altitude 1150- 1925 masl
Varietal Bourbon, Typica, Caturra,

Castillo. Colombia F8, Red CatuaI

Process Washed / Natural

Community owned

Guilherme Sodre Alckmin Junior

Rich Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline


To bring you Daily Bread, we teamed up with small scale importers and have worked closely with farmers in Brazil and Colombia.  We're very proud to bring you this unique house blend which has oodles of body, chocolate and an extra fruity dimension. 

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