HOLY GRAIL BLEND [Summer 2019]

HOLY GRAIL BLEND [Summer 2019]

The search for a great cup of coffee is often like the quest for the Holy Grail, well search no further. The Holy Grail is our premium blend of delicious speciality grade arabica coffees, created to satisfy even the most caffeine hungry pilgrim.

Location 20% East Timor, Eratoi - organic
30% Peru, Huabal - la Flor del Norte
50% Ethiopia, Duromina - organic
Altitude 1800 - 2000 masl
Varietal Typica, Hybrid de Timor
Caturra, Bourbon, Heirloom
Process Washed
Owner Many small-holders
Well-rounded, and complex flavour profile with high acidity and plenty of fruit. 

Concocted in our state of the art Holy Island roasting facility, (two shipping containers welded side-by-side with a bit of grass on top), this seasons Holy Grail blend is now comprised of three excellent washed coffees. 

A Peruvian we've been enjoying from high-up Huabal. An exceptional Ethiopian comprises 50% of the blend, and smidge of our latest unusual first-time origin: East Timor. 


From Asia's newest independent country, East Timor, we've found an excellent organic coffee from Eratoi Village, Letefoe - Eratoi I'm led to believe means rich in water in the local tongue, which makes wet-milling a cinch, well probably not that easy! 

Only fully ripe cherries are hand-picked and the harvest finishes just after lunch to process all the cherries within the same day. All the harvests of the day go through a floater selection to eliminate insect damaged beans followed by de-pulping aka wet-processing, with a traditional pulping machine that each farmer possess. After the cherries are removed, parchments are sorted again with a floater selection and fermented for 36 hours. Parchments are then washed, sun-dried on drying tarpaulins and dry-milled after the curing period of a minimum of 30 days.

La Flor del Norte is a village in the district of Huabal where around 40 or so coffee producers grow caturra, bourbon and typica in the altitude ranges from 1700 to 2000 masl, with most farms around 1800 masl. Coffee from this region produces very pronounced acidity and lots of citrus fruits in the cup and since the climate in La Flor is quite cold and rainy, due to the high altitude, this contributes to a very complex cup profile.

The southwestern Jimma Zone of Ethiopia
In 2010, around one hundred local coffee farmers banded together to form the coffee cooperative called Duromina, which means “to improve their lives” in the Afan Oromo language.
With very high altitude, rich and fertile soils, Ethiopia's incredibly complex heirloom varietals and good rainfall the Duromina farmers produce coffees of outstanding quality with scores of 90+ being achieved.

In 2010, around one hundred local coffee farmers banded together to form Duromina. As the name suggests, their goal was simple: to improve their lives. With technical support, business advice and access to finance the members acquired and installed a wet mill and began processing fully washed coffee for the first time. These improvements helped Duromina produce high-quality coffee and bring new prosperity to the community. Two years later, an international panel of professional judges would select Duromina’s coffee as the best in Africa, awarding the cooperative the top prize in the leading regional cupping competition.