LOCATION - Karimbi Sector, Nyamasheke District

ALTITUDE - 1600-1800 metres above sea-level

VARIETAL - Red Bourbon

PROCESS - Washed

OWNER - Celestin Rumenerangabo

TASTE - Blood orange, grape some nutmeg spice, sweet and rounded. 

Gasharu was built in 2015 by Celestin Rumenerangabo, and became fully operational in 2016. Celestin comes from a background in coffee, with experience building a well-known specialty coffee washing station in 2006, named Birembo. Gasharu has a membership of 539 farmers who deliver (coffee) cherries to the station, growing at altitudes ranging from between 1600-1800 masl. The station itself sits at 1670 masl and is located in the Gatare Cell of the Karimbi Sector, above Lake Kivu in the west of Rwanda.