Colombia, La Esperanza

Montalvo, Tolima.
Altitude 1900 masl
Varietal Caturra, San Bernardo, Colombia F8, Castilla
Process Natural (organic*)
Owner Jailer Andres Trujillo
Black currants, fruit pastels. 

This is a seriously tasty coffee from a very small family run farm, high in the central Andes Cordillera. 

Only the ripe cherries are picked and then sun dried, in there home made (but very impressive) drying house. They are then carefully Picked through again and finally transported to the mill on horseback. We were introduced to this farm By a great couple of "Colombian coffee" importers John and Claudia from the Green Collection. They travel a few times a year between the UK and Colombia creating long standing relationships between a selection of great coffee producers and roasters in the UK like us. This coffee stood out due to the flavour, of course but also because of the young ambitious family that do such an amazing job of growing it. The cherry on top and something we are focusing on for the direction of all our coffees is the fact its 100% organic. All in all a no brainer of a coffee. Equally delicious brewed or as an espresso. Im particularly enjoying the espresso.