SINGLE ORIGIN: Organic Honduran

Location Corquin, Copan
Altitude 1450 - 1550 masl
Varietal Caturra
Process Macerated Natural 72h
Owner Carlos Alfredo Estevez
Passionfruit, black tea and grenadine


In order to keep our coffee offering fresh and exciting, we will always select a Single Origin to showcase, that will change with the seasons offering - something so good that we feel it ought to be served on it's own, rather than part of a blend. 

For us, this Organic Honduran ticks the boxes. It's been naturally processed and is therefore packed full of sweetness, with bold, fruity flavours and a gloriously juicy body. It's making a lovely Aeropress or V60 brew, made with water boiled and then left to cool to 88 degrees.

For more information about the origin of this coffee, click here.