SINGLE ORIGIN: Myanmar - Ywangan

SINGLE ORIGIN: Myanmar - Ywangan
Southern Shan State, Ywangan Area, Myanmar
Altitude 1220 masl - Shade Grown
Varietal Red Catuai & SLN 795
Process Washed
Owner Danu smallholder farmers in Southern Shan state 
Clean crisp acidity with notes of apple, red berries and chocolate. 

We're excited to bring you our first coffee from Myanmar.

Ywangan Lot A is a a blend of all the daily lots grown by Danu smallholder farmers in the Ywangan area of Southern Shan state. Varieties grown are overwhelmingly Red Catuai and S795. Many fruits are grown alongside the coffee such as avocado, jackfruit, papaya and shade providing macadamia trees.

Once a significant opium producing region, Ywangan has seen concerted efforts over the past 10 years to replace poppies with coffee, providing farmers with a consistent and reliable source of income.