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  • Pick of the day. Coffea arabica. Coorg India

    Origin Trip: India

    ...after spending a few days with the jovial pickers, who were very happy to showcase their skills, reaping only the ripest arabica cherries...
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  • New Season New Blend

    As the cafe winds down to our winter break - the final day of business will be Sunday November 13th - our roasting yurt is ramping up as Andrew and Jonny, pictured below in our Yurt tucked away in the Pilgrim's Cafe Garden, will be working through the harsh Northumbrian winter, ensuring local cafes and businesses are stocked with our coffee, so you can still get your fix whilst out and about! Of course all our coffee is available online at the Pilgrim's homepage.We have some rather interesting beans in at the moment, and since the last batch of Brazilian has just run out, we've been tinkering...

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  • play time and maintenance

    Its been a fun busy year here on holy island, with crazy amounts of tourists as usual and more than a few bags of coffee going out the door. Its taken a while, but touch wood all is now hunky dory with the new roaster and the coffees are coming out better than ever.  Through a fair bit of searching and email writing we have now managed to make all our coffee packaging fully compostable (minus the little clips which i'm sure you'll find come in handy). We are always looking to improve this area of the business and if...

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  • new toys

    hello there all.  good and bad news. bad news is we will not be roasting from the 15th of november to the 4th of december. good news is we will be installing our new 10kg roaster. the last day of roasting will be friday the 14th. thanks, and see you in a few. Andrew

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