The Roastery

Nestled within the garden of Pilgrim's Coffee House, you'll find the Pilgrims Coffee Roastery.

Originally set up in a small yurt in the garden, Andrew began roasting coffee in 2014 and simply aimed to supply the cafe with delicious, high quality and sustainably sourced coffee.

Though those early days were great fun, by 2018 we needed a larger space to keep up with our expanding business, so we re-purposed an old shipping container and created the current home of the Roastery. 

Andrew still heads up operations at the roastery and ensures all of the beans are of the highest quality arabica. Our state-of-the-art roaster ensures we bring out the distinctive characteristics of the beans and produce top quality coffee, every time.  

As an entire business, we believe it is extremely important and take great pride in sourcing coffee beans from Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. We will always ensure that everyone that handles our coffee beans is well rewarded for their hard work - certification or not! 

 Fancy a cup of Pilgrims Coffee? You'll find a great selection of coffee on our online shop or come visit us on the island.  We update our coffee regularly to follow seasonal trends and well... to keep things interesting! 

We also work with many great, local businesses to deliver their customers quality and sustainably sourced coffee - drop us an email if you're interested in ordering Pilgrims Coffee for your business :)