Trees For Life

We're thrilled to announce that we are now corporate partners with Trees for Life, a multi-award winning organisation that works to restore and regenerate the Caledonian Forest across the Scottish Highlands.

Trees for Life works in three ways:
  • Saving the forest: planting native trees, nurturing seedlings, helping propagation and encouraging forest regeneration.
  • Giving a helping hand to wildlife: reintroducing missing species, such as red squirrel, to the wild forest.
  • Inspiring people of all ages and abilities to be involved in rewinding to improve their wellbeing and develop new skills.



Through this we now have our very own grove. This operates like a go fund me page, so if you'd like you can buy a tree (or a whole forest!) to be planted in the Scottish Highlands! Each donation, however small, aids the regeneration of native woodland, sequesters some carbon, and helps wildlife.

How cool is that?!