Your search for the perfect cup of coffee just got one step closer.
Here on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland, we the Pilgrims Coffee team love finding the best coffee beans on the market. We roast these beans to perfection in small batches to ensure they taste super awesome. This is done on site in our state of the art facility (disguised as a yurt).
Our passion for coffee started in 2003 and it shows no signs of fading. it began as a job and grew into a way of life.
It seems crazy that people are still drinking stale over roasted poor quality coffee when there is a whole world of different flavours now readily available. The coffee world is much like the wine. if you choose to explore the potentials its never ending, as the flavours vary with variety, region, soil type, process, season to season and so much more. There really is a coffee for everyone. Soon youll be saying oh yeh so i start my day with a juicy washed kenyan from my v60, at lunch i like to get a little boost with some guat form my aero press and when i get home from work i love to chill out and unwind with a natural processed ethiopian, mabye even in a cafetiere cause im feeling the extra body right now. (or mabye not:) 
 We set up Pilgrims Coffee because we love the stuff, and we've always been connected to the island so when the chance came we took it, and my are we glad. We hope you enjoy Pilgrims as much as we do.