Coffee Commandments: The V60

Coffee Commandments: The V60

The Hario V60 is many people’s first foray into improving the specialty coffee they drink. The V60 is widely renowned across the industry for a fast flow rate, resulting in a clean, transparent cup making it the golden standard for all new brewers coming to the market.

This brewer is used by everyone, from the everyday caffeine head, chasing a quick fix, to the highest levels of competition brewing! There are truly endless ways to brew a pour over ranging drastically in complexity and style, but for now we are going to focus on the “classic” method. There are a few different types of V60, all work fine, but if you are using a glass or ceramic you have to be careful that they are well preheated as pour overs have a tendency to lose a lot of temperature. Especially when using a light roasted coffee, you need the higher temperatures to extract all of the best parts of the lovely coffee you’ve paid for!

The aim of this brew method is to introduce you to the basics of brewing. If you are grinding your own beans then it may take you a few attempts to get the grind setting right, but you will gradually dial in your grind with every bag of coffee you work your way through!

You will need:

    The method:

    All pours should be gentle and directly onto the coffee slurry! Try to keep the flow of water vertical, avoid pouring onto the paper and overly aggressive pouring will open up channels!

    *Select 'filter' grind when purchasing Pilgrims Coffee on our online store

    Step 1: Take 18g of freshly roasted coffee medium ground  (this is a good amount to brew. Trying to brew too much in a V60 will make your life a lot harder!)

    We used our new washed organic Ethiopian Single Origin.

    Step 2: Place your V60 on the brewing vessel with a filter paper and rinse thoroughly with boiled water. Discard the rinsing water, then add the coffee to the v60 and place the whole setup on the scale. Zero the scales.

    Step 3: Start a timer and Add 50g of water pouring in a circular motion. Then take your trusty tea spoon and gently stir the slurry to make sure all the grounds are wet. Then let this sit until 45s.

    Step 4: Add another 100g of water (150g total) before 1m:10s.

    Step 5: Over the next 50s add the remaining 150g (300g total), try and keep the cone fairly full pouring when it has drained a little. 

    Step 6: Once the full 300g is in the brewer, take your teaspoon and stir once clockwise and once anti-clockwise. Then, when the cone has drained a bit and you can do so without spilling, swirl the slurry and allow it to drain. It should take about 30s-1m. This is when you see if you have the right grind setting by how long it took and how it tasted. Adjust accordingly!

    Step 7: Pour and enjoy!

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