how to brew coffee in a cafetiere

Coffee Commandments: The Cafetiere

There are many ways you can brew the perfect cup of Pilgrims coffee but one of our favourites is in a cafetiere. It's simple and consistently great - what more could you ask for?

The cafetiere originated in France in the 1850s and for good reason, it has stood the test of time. It produces a transparent cup of coffee with lots of body and mouthfeel whilst also remaining technically straightforward for the fledgling coffee brewer. Another great quality of the cafetiere is its simplicity when needing to adjust the batch size. Unlike other methods, you don’t need to adjust the grind, when altering the amount of liquid.  This makes the cafetiere the perfect way to cater for any number of parched pilgrims! 

The cafetiere falls into the category of an immersion brewer, so all you have to do is remember how much you have put in, and for how long you will brew and you can enjoy consistent results every time.  Brewing a cafetiere takes time so make sure you aren't in a hurry.  Sit back and enjoy the process!

How to brew coffee in a cafetiere 

Serving: 2 large mugs (500ml)

Time: 15mins

  • 30g of your favourite Pilgrims coffee
  • 500ml fresh filtered water

  • Equipment:
  • Cafetiere
  • Digital scales
  • Timer or a watch

  • Method:

    • Weigh out 30g of the freshest Pilgrims coffee into a clean, dry cafetiere (6g for every 100ml of water). If you are grinding your own beans, we would recommend starting in the middle of your grinder’s range.

    • Boil 500ml of fresh filtered water in your kettle. Remember, water will be making up more than 98% of your cup so do make sure it is good quality. 
    • Once the water has stopped “rumbling,” add it to the grounds in the cafetiere, making sure to wet all the grounds evenly. There should be a crust of coffee grounds that form on top of the liquid.

    • Leave the crust undisturbed for 4 minutes 30 seconds - make sure you do not knock the vessel. Once this time has elapsed - give it a stir, and scrape any residue off the top. This is best done using 2 spoons, as shown in the picture.

    • Allow the cafetiere to sit for at least another 8 to 10 minutes. During this time, you will see the suspended grounds within the coffee begin sinking to the bottom.  The longer you leave the coffee, the fewer grounds you will have in the cup.
    • Put the plunger in - but do not press it through the coffee, this will disturb the grounds sitting at the bottom. Push the plunger down until it is just touching the surface of the coffee and very gently pour your delicious cup of coffee!


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