Out with the old and in with the Loring

Out with the old and in with the Loring

After 7 solid years of service it's finally time to say goodbye to our good old Ozturk Roaster. We’ve certainly put it through its paces, but after 5 years housed in a yurt, a move to the container, some mechanical upgrades here and there and approximately 7000 roasts, there was one big question left unanswered: Is there a way we can make the roasting process more efficient and ultimately more environmentally friendly? 

The answer was yes, and it arrived last Saturday: Introducing the Loring S15 Falcon.

Our environmental impact as a small business is a topic that’s always at the forefront of conversation here at Pilgrims, be that our bags, the fumes from our roasting, or even the tape that we use to package your parcels. And the quest for sustainability never ceases. We have recently procured some plant based compostable bags, and admittedly yes, they are very snazzy, but the driving force behind the switch was to reduce excess material and find a commercially compostable product that causes less harm to the environment.

Our roasting machine is no exception, and founders Andrew and Victoria knew that the successor of the Ozturk had a specific criteria to meet, with environmental impact at the top of the list. In short, it had to be the best!

For Pilgrims, the Loring ticks all of the boxes. Will it drastically reduce our roasting emissions? Tick. Does it use minimal gas for maximum output? Tick. Will it maximise the flavour potential of the coffee we roast? Tick. The great folks at Loring provided the answer to our long list of requirements.

Let’s elaborate for a moment on the many reasons why we consider this to be the best roaster on the market.

The deciding factor is down to the uncompromising efficiency and reduction of emissions promised by a Loring S15 (although like our bags, it does look extremely grandiose!) Compared to our old roaster the Loring uses up to 80% less gas.


But how?

Rather than pulling new air from the atmosphere and using extra energy to heat that air, the Loring recirculates air. It removes the smoke before the air is exhausted into the atmosphere and the remaining air is fed back into the roasting chamber. This has a domino effect on so many processes within the business: less electricity, less gas and less CO2 being released into the atmosphere, whilst increasing the time Joseph has to perfect his coffee bagging techniques! Our roasting dreams really have come true.

Consistency for us is absolutely key, and as roasters we have a big responsibility to maintain consistency in our link of the coffee chain. The Loring has a closed loop system, so by isolating the roasting chamber from the outside atmosphere, temperature, humidity and pressure are automatically controlled. Margin for error is much higher on roasters which don’t use such a system, as a roaster has to perform manual adjustments to control these factors. The S15 Falcon gives us the unmatched ability to extract the flavour we want in every bean we roast.  We can now solely focus on the potential of the coffee, and give each bean the respect it deserves. 

We must also not fail to mention the changes you might find to your brew now that we’re using the most advanced roaster on the market. The comparatively delicate process of hot air roasting mean that your coffee may cling onto its flavour for a bit longer.  It should be at its best from about 7-10 days after roasting, if you try the coffee throughout the first week it will start to open up as it relaxes. We've noticed a more balanced, subtle but sweet flavour in the first few days, and with time the character and high notes emerge. Culminating in a coffee that has way more sweetness zing and depth of flavour than we were able to achieve on the Ozturk. 

As a small family run business, investing in a new roaster was no small decision, but we knew it was the right one to make: for our amazing planet, for the beans cultivated and cared for by the coffee farmers and for you, our discerning  and supportive customers. We love our new Loring,  and whether you enjoy the juicy, sweet Holy Grail or the full-bodied steadfast Daily Bread, we hope after your next coffee delivery you will too!

 The upgrade to the Loring S15 Falcon wouldn't have been possible had we not been awarded a grant from the Rural development agency which supports investments on creation and development of non- agricultural activities. 



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