Location Apayalla, Cusco, Peru


1700 masl

Varietal Colombis, Caturra + Castillo
Process Decaf, Sparkling Water Processed - Organic

Owner Valle Incuhuasi + San Fernando Co-operatives
Taste Caramel, Milk Chocolate + Pear


**Please note: we source Decaf coffees based on what we love at the time of green bean purchase in small quantities. This means that the price will fluctuate so that we have the flexibility to shake up the offering more regularly :) 


The coffees come from four regions of San Fernando, Pacayamba, Amabamba and Apaylla and the processing is controlled by the Cooperativa Incahuasi. The majority of the cherry comes from the San Fernando are who produce about 60 - 70 % of the total volume.

The process is carried out with good control of a harvest with selective picking and separation of the cherry at the first step.
Coffee is then floated to eliminate any potential floaters or unripe cherries that might have slipped during picking.
After that the coffee is pulped and fermented for around 48 hours or until the mucilage comes off easily.
Then the parchment is laid in a covered patio to dry and turned every hour to make sure that it dries evenly.  
Once the parchment has reached 15% moisture the coffee is the stored in the warehoused to rest and be cupped and categorised.