The search for a great cup of coffee is often like the quest for the Holy Grail... well search no further. 

The Holy Grail is our premium blend, comprised of speciality grade organically farmed coffees. Created to satisfy even the most caffeine hungry pilgrim.


80% Tanzania - Nyantira, Organic

10% Timor-Leste - Eratoi, Organic

10% Peru - Fredy Huachohillca, Organic


1550 - 1750 masl

1800 masl

2050 masl


KP423, N39, Compact

Typica, Timor Hybrid

Caturra, Bourbon + Typica

Process Washed

Kijani Hai

Simao Pedro de Deus

Fredy Huachohillca

Taste Marmalade, Apricot + Nutmeg


These coffees complement each other perfectly, with a lovely sweetness and a clean, satisfying, juicy acidity - maintaining a balance to the final cup.

Our Holy Grail blend works well as a slightly longer espresso, but is currently being enjoyed here at our coffee shop as a batch brewed filter - the perfect partner to a hard days graft.