HOLY GRAIL BLEND - ORGANIC [Spring 2021 Blend]


The search for a great cup of coffee is often like the quest for the Holy Grail... well search no further.

The Holy Grail is our premium blend comprised of speciality grade organically farmed coffees. Created to satisfy even the most caffeine hungry pilgrim.


50%  East Timor, Rotutu, Letefoho - Organic (washed)

50% Ethiopia Nensebo Refisa - Organic (washed)


1420 masl

1900-2070 masl


Typica, Timor Hybrid

Wolisho and Kuruma

Process Washed


Rotutu cooperative

Snap Speciality Coffee

Taste Tangerine sweetness, with just ripe mango and a hint of clove.


Concocted in our state of the art Holy Island roasting facility - aka a couple of old shipping containers with a chimney - Our Holy Grail blend will always be comprised of only organic coffees.

The current blend is made up of an excellent coffee from East Timor and a beautiful, classic, washed Ethiopian. Blended, they complement each other perfectly resulting in bags of sweetness and a clean, satisfying, Juicy acidity whilst maintaining a balance to the final cup. Our Holy Grail blend works well as a slightly longer espresso but is currently being drunk here as a batch brewed filter - the perfect partner to a hard days graft.

Nestled high in the mountains of the central highlands of East Timor in the district of Ermera, conditions are ideal for coffee harvesting with warm, blue skies during the day and cool evenings at night allowing for consistent growing and processing conditions. Farmer Francisco de Deus recalls, ‘I always knew that I would one day return to work in Letefoho to work on the family farm and it was not long after I took over harvesting responsibilities from my grandfather that more coffee exporters came to Timor-Leste. This motivated many farmers to once again look to coffee as a potential sustainable source of income’. Timorese coffee is truly wild and organically grown, a fact that Francisco is incredibly proud of, ‘We work hard to produce the best quality coffee and although the methods we use are time consuming, they’re worthwhile.

Nensebo is a new coffee growing area in the West Arsi Zonal Administration which also borders the Bale Mountain on the South. Located in Oromia, about 400 Km south of Addis Ababa, the Nensebo Woreda is home to a collection of smallholder farmers totaling 5,000 hectares of coffee. The average farm size in Nensebo is two hectares and producers cultivate a range of heirloom coffee varieties, including wild varietals originating from the neighbouring forests. This lot was cultivated at an altitude of between 1900 and 2070 masl. Each farmer brings their cherries to process at the washing station where they are picked and floated for defects, washed, soaked for 5 hrs, fermented for 72 hours and dried on raised beds for 9-11 days until they reach final moisture of 10.5%.

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