Fire and Brimstone Dark Roast




Buenos Aires, Querocotillo, Peru
Altitude 1800 - 1950 masl
Varietal Caturra
Process Washed
Anita Julca Sanchez
Taste Strawberry, Butterstcotch + Cola


We're often asked for our "strongest" coffee, so after much deliberation we've created the 'Fire and Brimstone', a profile which focuses on creating a punchy, full-bodied flavour without imparting unwanted roastiness. The result is an intensity to satisfy the dark roast lovers, minus any bitter, carbon-like tastes which can be associated with such a roast. 

We will periodically change the componants of the Fire and Brimstone, depending on the coffee harvest, and what we feel fits the profile when we purchase green beans.

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