play time and maintenance

Its been a fun busy year here on holy island, with crazy amounts of tourists as usual and more than a few bags of coffee going out the door. Its taken a while, but touch wood all is now hunky dory with the new roaster and the coffees are coming out better than ever. 

Through a fair bit of searching and email writing we have now managed to make all our coffee packaging fully compostable (minus the little clips which i'm sure you'll find come in handy). We are always looking to improve this area of the business and if anyone ever sees anything new and ingenious in the eco world that could help, feel free to ping me a message. 

Through the coming weeks and months we will be seeing some stupendous new coffees and some delicious old favourites, so keep checking back to see whats new. 

We're taking a wee break for some chill time and some testing of new coffees, so last orders are being called in the yurt on the morning of Saturday the 14th at 9am until the 1st of December. So get your orders in quick! I look forward to showing you what we've got when we reopen in December. There will be a special blend on for the festive season and i'm really excited to see what you all think. 

Also i'm going to start making some little how to videos, so i can pass on to you what i know about brewing the black stuff. I'm not saying i know it all but i have made a few cups in my time so i thought it might be of some use. 

A huge thankyou to all of you for helping Pilgrims exist. yours humbly Andrew and the Pilgrims. 

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