New Season New Blend

As the cafe winds down to our winter break - the final day of business will be Sunday November 13th - our roasting yurt is ramping up as Andrew and Jonny, pictured below in our Yurt tucked away in the Pilgrim's Cafe Garden, will be working through the harsh Northumbrian winter, ensuring local cafes and businesses are stocked with our coffee, so you can still get your fix whilst out and about!

Of course all our coffee is available online at the Pilgrim's homepage.

We have some rather interesting beans in at the moment, and since the last batch of Brazilian has just run out, we've been tinkering with our blend, The Holy Grail to bring you a consistently great coffee. In our cafe on Lindisfarne we serve up the Holy Grail in our espresso machine, however we can grind it for you to take home should you use a cafetière, percolator, aeropress, pour over...etc 

Not quite as strong as Nem chua, our Vietnamese Dac Luong bean does pack a powerful punch. That's why it's in our blend along with just enough Ethiopian Sidamo for a hint of citrus and a touch of sweetness. To finish we've added some Honduran Finca Los Lirios beans to round off the brew. 

We use our single origin Ethiopian beans as our house filter coffee, incredibly tasty with flavours of black tea, lime and sweet mandarin. Available to buy in the cafe, or online

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